Get married at Castle Rače

"White Hall Wedding"

The White Hall is one of the three official venues of the Administrative unit Maribor for getting married. The beautifully renovated main hall can accommodate a large number of wedding guests. The main hall opens into a small room, where the newlyweds sign their marriage certificate and raise a toast with their loved ones. Openness, ceremony and the right amount of privacy give the hall an element of charm. It is, therefore, not surprising that more and more couples choose the castle as the perfect setting to tie the knot.


Book a wedding date
You can book your wedding date in person or by telephone with the Local Office Rače or with the Marriage Registry Office of the Administrative unit Maribor. At the Castle wedding ceremonies are held every Saturday, except on holidays.

Registration process
Couples who wish to marry, are to report their intent to marry at the Marriage Registry Office of the Administrative unit Maribor. While Slovenian citizens do not need any documents other than their identification document, foreign nationals are to meet specific legal requirements relating to marriage. For more information please visit


Further information
For detailed information please contact:

Administrative unit Maribor
Ulica heroja Staneta 1
2000 Maribor
Tel.: +386 2 220 17 56
Fax: +386 2 220 12 67

Local Office Rače
Grajski trg 14
2327 Rače
Tel.: +386 2 609 60 21

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