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About the municipality of Rače - Fram
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The first Slovenian historical novel – Hans Erasmus Tattenbach
About our municipality
With a surface area of 51 square km (or 31.7 square miles) and a population of approximately seven thousand inhabitants, Rače-Fram is a medium-sized Slovenian municipality, consisting of two very different areas. In the east, the municipality leans onto the elongated Drava Plain, while in the west, rural farms that defy industry pepper the slopes of the (lush green) forested Pohorje Massif.

When the municipal centre Rače was established Rače soon became the catalyst of industrial development. One such example is the former methylated spirits factory that later became the chemical factory TKI PINUS.

The old Rače community centre and other lowland communities (Podova, Brezula and Zgornja and Spodnja Gorica) still reflect the traditional rural character of the fertile Drava plain, but with the population growth and the modern way of life they are increasingly losing their original identity.

While the lowland area was characterised by the methylated spirits industry, Fram and the slopes of the Pohorje Massif were marked by the production of pumpkin seed oil, water mills, sawmills and wood industry. With the exception of the three pumpkin seed oil mills and a private mill, other once important industries are no longer active. There are still several private smaller sawmills on the Pohorje Massif, while very few woodworking workshops have been preserved.

The highland area with its unique rural charm is increasingly becoming a significant tourist attraction. The remote and tranquil Planica community provides a fusion of genuine intimacy, rural scenery and culinary delights characteristic of the Pohorje Massif. Wine producers from other communities (Kopivnik, Ranče, Morje, Loka pri Framu) have also become part of the tourist wine road. The cultural heritage, which is preserved and evenly distributed throughout the entire local community, adds a special charm to the municipality. Among the many natural and cultural attractions we would like to point out the former mighty "lowland island" Castle Rače (Kranichsfeld) from the second half of the 16th century, known for its Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

When heading to the Pohorje Massif or climbing up the marked hiking trails, you can enjoy the view of the original village of Fram centred around the Church of St. Anne (Cerkev Sv. Ane), an urban monument with neo-Romanesque motifs. Only ruins of the Castle Fram (Vraunhaym), built in 1200, now remain. An important historical monument is the "Golden Spring", the source of drinking water for the Roman Poetovio (today known as Ptuj). The installation of routes and trails for cycling, hiking and walking and the gradual development of the Landscape Park Rački ribniki-Požeg are important steps towards the new, more natural way of life. These efforts will encourage further development of tourist activities and, consequently, contribute to the economic growth of the municipality of Rače-Fram.
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Castle Rače
RAČE CASTLE ranked first place in a competition for the tidiest and the most hospitable urban centre in Slovenia (2017)
An Oasis of Life and Peace: Rački Ribniki-Požeg Landscape Park (TRAIL GUIDE)
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Podova Wayside Shrine
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Planica above Fram
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The Castle Manor House
The Chapel of St. Agnes (Kapelica sv. Neže)
The Church of St. Anne (Cerkev Sv. Ane)
The succursal Church of the Holy Cross at Planica
The Castle of Fram remains
The Roman Spring
The Vešner Homestead and Cave
Stream of Fram
The Potnik Spruce
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