About Lendava

Geographical position of Lendava is in the eastern part of Slovenia near Slovenian-Hungarian and Slovenian-Croatian border. The unique position of the town at the foothills of picturesque vineyards originates from its rich historical role and a profuse cultural image, contributed by inhabitants with diverse ethnic definition. Here, members of different nationalities live closely together; Slovenes, Hungarians, Croats and other nationalities. Based on the city's cultural tradition there is a multicultural centre which defines the city and also municipality. Lendava is the town of tradition, culture and tourism.

Lendava in figures

Number of residents 1. 7. 2013: 10.669 (source: SURS)
Surface: 123 km2 (source: GURS)
Length of municipal border: 109 km (source: GURS)
Geo location: 46°33′47.08″N 16°27′6.43″E
Altitude: 161,1 m
Economically active share of the population 2014: 3299 (source: SURS)
Number of entrepreneurs, 2014: 264 (source: AJPES) 
Number of registered limited liability companies (d.o.o.) 2014: 260 (source: AJPES) 
Number of corporate companies (d.d.) 2014: 6 (source: AJPES)
Number of registered motor vehicles, 2012: 5.401 (source: SURS) 
Number of guests 2014: 1965 (source: SURS) 
Number of overnight stays, 2014: 5983 (source: SURS)
Average annual temperature, 2013: 11.1 C (source: ARSO)
Average temperature – January 2013: -2°C (source: ARSO) 
Average temperature – July 2013: 29,7 °C (source: ARSO) 
Yearly precipitation 2013: 929.3 mm (source: ARSO)


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Adress: Glavna ulica 20, 9220 Lendava

Telephone: + 386 2 577 25 00
Fax: + 386 2 577 25 09
E-mail: obcina@lendava.si
VAT number: SI 27705935
Registration number: 5874645
Bank account: 01259-0100012919